We Have a New Cofounder: Tim Everett

By June 11, 2019 News

I’m extremely excited to announce that Sapien has welcomed a new cofounder into the fold. Tim Everett is joining us in our mission to improve well-being with consumer tech.

Tim has a background in data science, web development, and product management. He cut his teeth working at an awesome startup called Eigen Innovations, where his brother Scott is founder and CEO. Tim and I met at Eigen and had the chance to work together on a few projects – that’s when I realized that he would be an amazing cofounder. He is one of the smartest, most thoughtful people I’ve ever met. More importantly, he cares deeply about Sapien’s mission.

Tim is sad to leave the Eigen team and the important work they’re doing, but very excited to begin building a company of his own. I know he’s going to do amazing things at Sapien.

– Cam